Cleaning your Business in Walnut Creek

Small businesses need to ensure you are properly cleaning your business in Walnut Creek and other cities in the East Bay like Pleasanton, Livermore, and Concord.  In order to properly clean your commercial space, you need to do take several, regular steps.

Janitorial Service

Each business needs regular cleaning.  Some individuals take the time to do it themselves while others will hire an outside janitorial service for cleaning your business in Walnut Creek.  The regularity of this service depends on the industry and amount of traffic.  For instance, a dental office would require daily cleaning due to the necessity for the environment to be constantly clean for patients and the high amount of traffic.  On the other hand, a law office may have less foot traffic and the cleanliness is not as essential as doctor’s office or restaurant.

In the above example, a doctor’s office should get daily janitorial service.  This will keep the patient care area in good condition.  However, the law firm may, depending on the size, require every other day service.  These can be handled by the owner, employees, and/or professional janitorial service.  The critical issue when cleaning your business in Walnut Creek is to ensure it is done right.  By having a clean office, you make sure the area looks professional and avoids any risk of unwanted infections.

Window Cleaning

Along with janitorial service, businesses with outdoor windows should strongly consider regular window cleaning.  Similar to janitorial service, the frequency and method should depend on the industry but the location of the building can also impact things.  Clean windows can impact the professional and welcoming nature of your Walnut Creek or East Bay business.  As with the above, this can be done by the owner, employee, and/or a professional window cleaner.  However, even if the windows are self-cleaned regularly, professional services should be utilized on a consistent basis too.  It is extremely rare for an employee or owner to be able to clean the windows with the same precision as a professional window cleaner.

Floor – Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning a business’s hardwood or carpet flooring goes beyond the regular vacuuming.  In order to keep your company’s premises looking clean and welcoming, the janitorial service shall keep the property looking good.  However, similar to the professional window cleaning, it is essential to have your Walnut Creek company’s carpet, hardwood flooring, and laminate flooring should be professionally cleaned by a professional flooring cleaner.  They have the skill set to do a deeper cleaning, remove stains, eliminate odors, and bring your flooring back to life.  As with other cleaning, the industry and degree of traffic will impact the frequency at which such services are needed. Diablo Carpet and Floor Restoration works with local business offices to create an appropriate schedule to ensure your business is consistently welcoming and looking sharp for your customers and patients.  Contact Diablo Carpet and Floor Restoration today to schedule your complimentary business cleaning consultation at 925-833-0408.


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