Odor Removal

The removal of offensive odors is one of the most critical issues within a business establishment.  You do not want your customers walking into your commercial location and being turned off by a foul odor. However, this is also one of the more difficult issues confronting the cleaning industry. If the odor is the result of air borne/suspended molecules, it has likely penetrated any and all porous surfaces. Porous surfaces include sheet rock, pop-corn ceiling, upholstery, mattress, bedding, cabinets, curtains, and carpet. Examples of suspended odors include smoke and food/cooking spices.

11738_16Odors that result from pet or human urine or feces, mildew, spoiled foods are usually site specific, as opposed to airborne. By chemically treating the site or removing the damaged material, successful removal of the odor can be achieved at your commercial location.

Pet urine damage and related odor presents a more complicated situation, when attempting to remove it from your business location. The extent and intensity of damage impacts the cost effectiveness of achieving odor removal.

The difficulty with moisture related odor damage, such as pet urine, is that the extent of damage can go beyond fabric/carpet.The damage can penetrate the carpet pad, subflooring, baseboards, and sheetrock. Additionally, the odor molecule can become trapped in the commercial carpet backing, where removal can cause delamination/damage to the carpet structure.

It is important that customers have a thorough inspection of the odor causing damage at their business location and a written report on findings, recommendation remedy, associated cost of repair, and guarantee of results, before any work begins.

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