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Complimentary Spot and Stain Removal Solutions

Blackhawk Carpet Cleaner

Renewing your floors and soft furnishings can transform the look of your home, and Diablo Carpet and Floor Restoration knows how to bring new life to your floors as Blackhawk’s premium carpet cleaner. Using cutting edge, eco-friendly technology, Diablo Carpet can rejuvenate your carpet, tiles, hardwood floors and upholstery for a cleaner, healthier home.

What an upbeat person, professional, and does a great job with carpet cleaning. It’s nice to have people in your home that you just feel like you can trust… I was very impressed with his demeanor, his timeliness, and his professionalism. I highly recommend his services. – Max, Customer, Blackhawk CA.

No matter what your requirements might be, Diablo Carpet and Floor Restoration can provide a professional service to suit your needs.

Carpet Cleaning

Our quality services include:

  • Carpet Cleaning: Find the right fit for your carpets and lifestyle from our choice of 4 cleaning methods tailored to you.
  • Stain Removal: With 20 years of experience, we can remove your toughest stains.
  • Carpet Inspection & Repair: Ripped, torn or damaged carpet? Diablo Carpet can inspect the damage and provide the right repairs, avoiding expensive carpet replacement.
  • Bleach Spot Dyeing: With the skillful use of carefully matched dyes, we can produce amazing results on bleach spots.
  • Upholstery & Soft Furnishings: Diablo Carpet can also remove greasy stains, soiled spots, and spills from your upholstery for a cleaner, more hygienic home.
  • Odor Removal: Odor molecules can easily seep into soft furnishings, upholstery, and carpet. Diablo Carpet can help you successfully remove persistent odors.
  • Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaning: Is dirt and mold lurking in your grout and tiles? Your tiles and grout will glow again after our treatment!
  • Hardwood Cleaning: Completely remove dirt, grime and buildup on your hardwood floors with our deep cleaning treatment.
  • Emergency Services: When you need expert cleaning, but you’re short on time, Diablo Carpet’s rapid service can address your urgent needs.

Diablo Carpet and Floor Restoration has built a reputation as a leading carpet cleaner in Blackhawk for over 20 years, with the experience and expertise to transform your living space.

CALL 925-833-0408 or Let us Help You below for a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment in your Blackhawk home.