Carpet Cleaning

Diablo Carpet & Floor Restoration offers four methods of carpet cleaning Danville within its service areas which run from the Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Moraga, Alamo to Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon Carpet Cleaning, Hayward, and San Leandro.

Carpet Cleaning Danville

The selected method of cleaning is determined by the carpet condition, the manufacturers recommended cleaning instructions, and the customer’s requirements.Steam Carpet Cleaners

Steam Carpet Cleaners

The selected method for cleaning is made after the carpet is pre-inspected with the customer. Regardless of the recommended method of cleaning, at Diablo Carpet Restoration you are assured your carpets are cleaned by a trained and experienced steam carpet cleaners or technician who is using safe and eco-friendly cleaning products. Our equipment/truck mount machines carry water and dispose of waste water off site.

The Four Methods of Cleaning include:

  • Low moisture/encapsulation bonnet cleaning. This method is sometimes referred to as Chem-dry, a patented process. The method is acceptable for lightly soiled carpets, and in situations where the customers requires the carpet be returned to hi-usage in an hour.
  • Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning:  Diablo Carpet Restoration used truck-mount steam units that can achieve 225 degrees of heat. Hot water, with a carpet cleaning detergent is injected and vacuumed from the carpet through the use of a tool called a wand.
  • PreSpray/Hot Water Extraction: This is the preferred method of cleaning by most carpet manufactures. The carpet is pre-treated with a sprayed and agitated (raked) carpet cleaning detergent, then rinsed neutral with hot water extraction. The carpet is left with no detergent residue. Think of this process as similar to washing your clothes.
  • Shampoo Scrub/Hot Water Extraction: This is a restorative method used on carpets that are heavily soiled and have special issues/requirements, such as pet urine or hi-traffic grease. The carpet is pre-treated with a specialty pre-spray (determined by the condition/requirements), scrubbed with a floor machine, and rinsed neutral with hot water extraction.

We know you may have more questions and feel free to check out our frequently asked questions section by clicking here.

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