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How Pets Are Changing the Cleaning Industry

Pet-safe cleaning has become a higher concern, with pets increasingly playing a more important role in our lives and our homes. A recent survey conducted by Harris Poll found that 33% of young home buyers aged 18-35 were motivated to buy their first home in order to...
Critical Information You Must Have In This ‘CORONAVIRUS’ Era

Critical Information You Must Have In This ‘CORONAVIRUS’ Era

By: Jim Pemberton- Cleaning Care Specialist; Jack Worthington Diablo Carpet & Floor Restoration an IICRC Certified Firm We have done some research on how the wide variety of disinfecting products work, and, just as importantly, what interferes with how they work,...

My Pet Peed On The Carpet, What Do I Do?

  It can happen in an instant, but once it does, it’s too late. Your pet has had an accident on the carpet or the tiles, and now you have to act fast to clean it up. Unlike a food or drink stain, the smell of urine on your carpet is difficult to mask with air...