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The first steps you take in responding to a spill or stain on your carpet will largely determine the likelihood of whether the stain becomes permanent, or can be removed. The wrong approach can permanently set the staining properties and make stain removal impossible.

Because not all staining solutions are the same, and carpet fibers (nylon, polypropolene, wool) have different reactions to staining solutions, there is no single approach that works for all stains.

Generally, when you have a carpet spill or resulting stain, we recommend removing the excess solution by blotting the spill/stain with a while cotton towel or paper towel, and using a spatula to remove any surface materialDO NOT scrub the fiber with a brush or towel.

Bleach Spot Dyeing

Color loss spots commonly appear are the result of bleach or a bleaching agent removing the color from a carpet. In many cases the color can be restored to match the surrounding carpet color.

To achieve the best results, the carpet is tested for dye retention (carpet fiber type determines whether the dye will affix); the spots are neutralized (bleaching agent is removed); and permanent dyes are applied to the spot in a formula that matches and blends with the surrounding carpet fibers.

The technician skills are both technical and artisan. Spot dyeing is preferred to patching as it avoids creating four seams. Although the costs for dyeing and patching are comparable, the appearance achieved by dyeing is preferred by most customers. Other economic considerations include the overall condition and useful life of the carpet. In some cases, entire carpet should be cleaned, before dyeing, so to achieve an consistent appearance… other words you shouldn’t dye spots to a dirty carpet.

A carpet must be pre-inspected to determine whether the fabric is dyeable and to establish reasonable expectations.  Most natural fibers (wool) and nylon carpets can be dyed/color corrected. Olefin and polypropylene carpets can not be successfully dyed. In most cases the results from carpet dyeing/color correction are quite amazing.

For a customer who requires perfection, carpet replacement is your best alternative. Carpet dying, in most cases, is preferred when “patching” is the only alternative to replacement. What carpet dyeing can achieve is a reasonable color match to surrounding carpet, where the color loss area does not “call your attention.”

We make every attempt to achieve an 85%+ match. This means, an unsuspecting person will not notice the color-loss/color match spots or areas. Our technicians are experts in carpet color correction and experienced in knowing what reasonable results can be expected by the consumer.

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